Speed Cleaner

Speed Cleaner

Reducto Speed Cleaner is very easy to use, reacts quickly and is economical to use. Thanks to the jet jet spray, this product provides efficient cleaning in hard-to-reach areas. Reducto Speed Cleaner leaves no residue, and works by simple spraying and wiping. In case of stubborn dirt residues, apply Speed Cleaner again after the first application. Speed Cleaner degreases and cleans metal, glass, ceramics, textiles and many plastics. Such as brake discs, cables, hinges, locks, brake linings, slides, ball joints, bearings etc.


  • Zeer snel drogende ontvetter
  • Reinigt effectief en snel
  • Laat geen resten achter
  • Krast niet
  • Tast het oppervlak niet aan


Bring the aerosol can to room temperature. Ideal application temperature 5 to 30°C. Shake the spray can before use. Apply and allow to work in for a while. Cover painted and plastic parts.


Applicable for removing tar, primer, glue, sealants, waxes and silicon polishes from (un)varnished surfaces.

Extra info

> Artikelnr: 50002041
> Dit is een 400 ml aerosol