Greven – Preventieve huidbescherming

Preventive skin protection in the workplace for employees in industry, service or trade

For this important part of Reducto, we have entered into a partnership with the market leader in Germany in this field.

For Greven, skin protection is a tradition. For almost 100 years they have been developing and producing quality products for clean and healthy skin. What started in 1923 with the establishment of a soap and glycerine factory by Peter Greven, has grown into a modern leading company for professional skin protection.

With these optimally matched products for the protection, cleansing and care of the working skin, we have a complete and efficient system for the effective prevention of skin diseases at work. This concept is perfectly matched to the various requirements for skin protection in almost all industrial sectors.

With our new innovative products, we have a complete programme for the prevention of occupational skin diseases. This includes products for skin protection, skin cleansing and skin care as well as dosing technology.

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Skin protection
Skin protection products support the skin’s natural barrier function. This is done by among others protective film or skin firming properties.

To achieve good protection, the ingredients must be adjusted to the daily skin loads. Ingredients such as panthenol or allantoin promote the natural regeneration of the skin barrier.

The protective preparations must behave physiologically neutral on the skin and must not adversely affect the work process. Therefore, there must be no interaction of the skin protection products with the working material used, let alone a deterioration of the skin sensation. To prevent misuse, the areas of application of the products are therefore clearly marked.

Together with you, we will be happy to draw up a skin protection plan that will contribute to the health of your employees. Curious about the possibilities within your company? Please contact us.

Product: Multitec
Universal protective cream with dual action principle for frequently changing or not clearly defined skin hazards as well as mechanical stress on the skin caused by e.g. tools. Protected against water or oil-based substances and is also suitable for wearing under gloves.

Has a firming effect on the skin
reduces the skin burden
supports the skin’s natural regenerative capacity
O/W emulsion contains glycerin, witch hazel and panthenol, perfumed or unscented silicone-free:
meets HACCP requirements


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